Resources for Learning and Exploration – Useful Links

Mathematical Methods

An extensive report on neural networks.

Christos Stergiou and Dimitrios Siganos. “Report: Neural Networks.” Surprise 96 Journal, Vol 14. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, Department of Computing. Link


This report is an introduction to Artificial Neural Networks. The various types of neural networks are explained and demonstrated, applications of neural networks like ANNs in medicine are described, and a detailed historical background is provided. The connection between the artificial and the real thing is also investigated and explained. Finally, the mathematical models involved are presented and demonstrated.

Software and Data and General Statistics

Vlachos, Pantelis. Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community. StatLib. Link

StatLib was founded in April of 1989 by Mike Meyer (, a then Senior Research Scientist, in the Department of Statistics, at Carnegie Mellon University. StatLib started out as an e-mail service (and some of the organization still reflects that heritage). By 1995, StatLib had grown to a collection of about 150 Mbytes and the StatLib server was servicing about 60,000 transactions per month. In the summer of 1998 Mike left Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh for Seattle. He left StatLib behind him to Pantelis Vlachos, and with it a tremendous responsibility….

A Collection of mathematical software, papers and databases. Netlib Repository at UTK and ORNL.

Pezzullo, John C. Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations. Link

The web pages listed here comprise a powerful, conveniently-accessible, multi-platform statistical software package. There are also links to online statistics books, tutorials, downloadable software, and related resources. All of these resources are freely accessible, once you can get onto the Internet.