Company Profile

Francis Analytics is an independent actuarial consulting company specializing data-mining and other advanced actuarial techniques.

Francis Analytics helps insurance companies and other risk management organizations create repeatable competency in modeling across the enterprise. Francis Analytics’ services helps its clients to reduce operational risks inherent in complex projects and to deliver expected and manageable results for both the immediate and long term. The ultimate goal is to help our clients to develop internal competency in complex modeling applied to insurance processes. Data-modeling competency applied to core functions will provide leading insurers with a long-term sustainable competitive advantage and the resulting benefits of superior market performance.

Clients of Francis Analytics can expect the following emphasis in the design and execution of our engagements:

Depth of Technical Knowledge – practitioners are experienced in multiple methodologies and software solutions, applied to the core functions in all major lines of business.

Data Preparation – appropriate treatment of comlplex data from both a technical and business understanding ensures the creation of valid models.

Full Life-Cycle Services– support for all of the activities of modeling projects through complete integration.

Repeatable processes – though ad hoc modeling is sometimes appropriate, sustained competitive advantage in core processes depends on the ability to repeat and perfect key modeling activities

Transparency – use of standard approach, transparent methods and algorigthms, and commercially availablel statistical tools helps to ensure confidence and ease of adoption.

Transferable knowledge – creating internal competence through training and education is an explicit objective of our services.

Cost effective resources – software costs and service fees are kept to a minimum.

Independent design – the execution of your project is not dependent upon a single approach, methodology or software use. The customer and the project determine the software and mathematical methods used, not the other way around.

Robust planning – the formulation of the project ensures successful delivery of results and the efficient use of time and resources.

The company is led by Ms. Louise Francs, FCAS, FAAA, a recognized expert in data-mining and advanced actuarial techniques.